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Discover Reality Through Meditation

By March 7, 2016Blog, Meditation

This world, our lives, and everything you and I think we know… THE REALITY AND TRUTH OF THE WAY THINGS ACTUALLY ARE… (((THAT))) is infinitely more interesting than what we so ignorantly presume to call reality.

We are only scratching the surface of reality. All that it is that we call LIFE is illusion, it is MAYA, it is a material world of electro-magnetic activity that has one aim, to provide you and I with the means (the material) to resolve our karma. We are SPIRIT BEINGS temporarily inhabiting and using the faculties of a human body. We do this over the course of infinite lifetimes, and with the guidance of Intelligent agencies far beyond our comprehension, we slowly evolve and expand our human consciousness to transcend this material plane. Ever so gracefully through the passing of eons of time—the wink of an angels eye—we are forever obliged to climb higher and higher still into the SPIRIT REALITY and domain of our Higher-Self. What it is that we call reality, “this daily life of ours” is only the first few rungs of a ladder that reaches infinitely into the celestial heights where Intelligence, Beauty, and Wisdom coalesce to summon each one of us back home.

The Truth of the “matter” (material world) is this, we couldn’t—not even for a moment—touch the purity, beauty, and Truth of what REALITY ACTUALLY IS—with THOUGHT.

All the thoughts that we have about the way things truly are, about what God is, about what LOVE is, and about all the mysteries of the the universe—are empty shells that only contain more thoughts.

Our thoughts are the dead echoes of an infinite Truth that rests in silence.

And so the question now presents itself, how do we go beyond thought?



With Love and Gratitude.

Christ in you.

Be Yourself, Be Love, and Be Happy!

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Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness

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