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The Rose Path to Nature’s Wisdom

By May 2, 2016Blog, Meditation, Words

An endless palette of mystery coloring these delicate eyes, revealing the dancing spectrum of Gods Divine paradise.

The splendor of this magic running plentiful and wild, whips the heart a frenzy, restoring vigor, youth, and the innocence of a child.

An endless path weaving through the procession of time, each passing moment reveling a beautiful paradox of Truth hidden within all lies.

Roots digging deep to the promise of an endless sky, nourish the heart-wheels rose singing the souls’ Truth—revealing the beautiful mystery of who, how, and why.

And so it is to Nature we pray, and by means of her Wisdom so too do we receive.

Meditation prepares answers for the souls’ enigma, and exalts an ineffable brilliance of Spirit whose subtle breath-breathes the ego a new feeling-nature, and capacity for the blinded heart to see.

And so it is that we honor the whispering clairvoyance of antiquity, to follow the path of every Ascended Master, we SIT, BREATHE, and LISTEN.

The Rose Path to Nature's Wisdom

With Love and Gratitude.

Christ in you.

Be Yourself, Be Love, and Be Happy!

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Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness

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