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The Beautiful Garden Within

By July 19, 2016Blog, Meditation, Words

There is a garden within, a garden overrun with weeds (thoughts).

We often water these weeds with our feelings. Had we the blessings of Wisdom we would see the difference between the weeds and the roses.

Perhaps we might learn to romance her secrets through our meditation?

Perhaps Wisdom through her grace might see our humble efforts in our consistent daily practice, thus providing the proper tools to reestablish beauty and order in our internal garden paradise.

The Garden of Eden Within

With a beautified garden full of fragrant and pleasant charms of the Souls delight, there would come from SPIRIT thunderous flutterings of Angelic Cherubim.

With melodious trumpeting and sacred hymns, we would sing the glories of Gods Truth!

We would revel in the sparkling sounds of unconditional LOVE, and with an overwhelming infinitely growing crescendo of orgasmic pleasure that stems from CLEAR KNOWING of the way things truly are—for an eternity hence forth—we would delight in BEING the LIVING-SOUNDING-RAINBOW-EPITHET that washes over all creation the warmth of TRUE LOVES shuttering potency.

All this we shall have and BE—once our garden is clear of its weeds.

–Michael Fireborn 🔥



With Love and Gratitude.

Christ in you.

Be Yourself, Be Love, and Be Happy!

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Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness

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