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Meditation Removes Sin

By July 26, 2016Blog, Meditation

To sin means to fall short, to miss the mark—in other words—to be mediocre.

The Christian Holy Bible is a beautiful work of art but if one reads it and takes it as the LITERAL word of God, one will only find fear and the sting of constant insecurity stemming from the perceived ever watchful eye of an angry God who Man has modeled after himself.

Stories such as Genesis, Garden of Eden and our so called “Original Sin” are steeped in beautiful parables and allegory. If we take the time to study with an open heart and listen to our internal guidance, the hidden meanings naturally become revealed under the scrutiny of each individuals SOUL.

Meditating Christ CoupleYou and I are the LIGHT, we are SOUL-LUMINOUS-BEINGS. We are the individual effects of the great singular cause—SPIRIT. There is a luminous spark of SPIRITS FIRE within each of us that burns eternal—only for one end—LOVE.

If it is not LOVE it is out of alignment and therefore falls short and misses the mark. Until we are SELF-realized (until each of us becomes a living CHRIST) we are living in sin.

This is not something to be shameful of, this is a CALL TO ACTION!

Each human being must do his or her work (resolve karma) to get right with God—RIGHT WITH LOVE.

Sin has nothing to do with apples, gardens, snakes, etc., it does however paint a picture of our beautifully complex predicament.

We have taken up the challenge to make a GOD of a simple and ignorant Man.

A Man has the task of making order out of chaos, he has the opportunity to turn ignorance into virtue, and he has the responsibility to do this for himself, not for the sake of himself but for the sake of all mankind.

We are not liberated until every human soul is liberated.

Do you want liberation from this gross material world?


Could It Be That Easy, Meditation?

Yes it is. A daily practice of meditation is one of the biggest steps a human being can take so that one can get in tune with SPIRIT. Don’t take my word for it, it wouldn’t do you any good anyway. YOU HAVE TO DO IT, you have to experience it for yourself. There’s nothing better than gaining the experience of consciously seeing Gods hand at work in your life, seeing it in only the way you can.

If one wants to see Gods hand at work in his or her life, then he or she has to put in the work. Spiritual development is not for the lazy. Those who are truly dedicated devotees have no time for intellectualizing, or leaving their development in the hands of another human being. True aspirants clearly see and comprehend that the only way back home to God is to take up the task of Self-realization—we have to do the work ourselves. Dedicated study, right living, sober living, meditation, service to others, and humility are just a few of our virtues.

There’s a lot we have to do to get in alignment with LOVE, and to bring balance to our individual karma. There are many steps we will have to take, but the first step is meditation. Meditation will put the humble aspirant in the right frame of heart so that one becomes OPEN TO RECEIVE. When you and I are open to receive, we will naturally begin to make new choices, call in new experiences, and we will see our lives radically change for the better.

You will literally become a new person—you will be born again.

Eve and Snake

–Michael Fireborn 🔥



With Love and Gratitude.

Christ in you.

Be Yourself, Be Love, and Be Happy!

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Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness

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