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Time to Wake The Dreaming of Wisdom

By September 14, 2016Blog, Meditation, Words
Sophia Dream Wisdom

Swinging gently between two palms, the lap of gentle waves drawing me in. A spell that rises, shimmering flicker upon the horizon, and the mystery of these cycles both outward and within.

Hot meets cold to churn the milky sea, a nocturnal libation sings me to sleep.

Cast upon hearts who dare to feel, her weaving of splendid patterns pulls me in. The deeper I go, the more I forget, at the tip of my tongue—silence.

Out of my depth and lost at sea, the beauty and allure of a siren calls to me.

From my feet I was swept pulled down to her depths—a rage and moan—soft as sea foam. Into her castle charmed and led by grace, colorful astral projection, and the beautiful blackness of The Mother’s infinite space.

Imagine the excitement, contemplate the grandeur of this view. Blue, greens, purples, and a splendid host of unspeakable hues. The profundity of golden pearled purples whose color turn pink, the minds words attempt to explain, while the heart feels—not a word to speak.

And look, over there!

The sun and moon hiding so the other can go round, rising and falling from each other, never to be found. A perfect Intelligence having charted the procession of their course, separating day from night—the gift of TIME—to wake and dream this impermanent life.

In the womb of everlasting glory, I am born again, her maternal love and Wisdom, guides me through each sleepy night.

How did I come upon her, how did I reach her depths?

A voice spoke and her Wisdom so too flourished within. Alas bear witness, the Mother who reveals Nature’s secrets behind the veil of sleep.

Infinite Wisdom Pours Into Me

If you learn the way true, the breath sets aflame the spark of fire resting in you. When you wake breathe deep to make it burn, so when dreaming in sleep, more clarity to discern.

Infinite is my voice when you learn to FEEL. In your waking day notice my whispers in the wind. Pay attention to the whizzing buzz of the hummingbirds, FEEL as they bestow reverence within thine heart, and witness my small feathered Valkyrie scream the glory of the Sun!

And with her voice also came too, a crescendo of all Nature’s Truth. A kiss planted firmly on every molecule of me—through a glancing flash of grace—revealed a glimpse of the Divine potential in me. Startled by the fire in which the “I” must be consumed—in the flash of a moment—I was returned back to earth-school.

I lay swinging between those same two palm.

The night has passed leaving a bit of morning dew on my face. I awoke in my hammock to witness the sun rise again.

Bless the Spirit!

Over the thunder of the ocean waves, the sweet smell of distant flowers and the feathered Valkyrie hummingbirds—an angelic choir—started to sing!

There upon my face a subtle smirk grew fast to smile.

I feel her grace, whispering to me. What a wonderful gift, the Wisdom passed on when we fall to sleep.

–Michael Fireborn 🔥



With Love and Gratitude.

Christ in you.

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