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Choosing to Align With Wisdom

By September 17, 2016Blog, Perspective, Words

More than mineral, plant, or the animal—the human—can actively choose to be infinitely more.

Each one of us magical human beings has within ourselves the potential to both evolve or devolve. Our trajectory on the sliding scale of Nature’s hierarchy is dependent upon our capacity to choose wisely.

We must align ourselves with Wisdom—that is to say—we must harmonize with Nature so we can hear the voice of Wisdom. Wisdom is the maternal voice that leads us into the Spirit (the Father).

What makes a human being a human being is our capacity to choose.

We have been given freedom, and look what we have done with it.

The world is on fire. 🔥🌎🔥


The question is brothers and sisters, can we, the one’s who were cut from the cloth of ABSOLUTE LOVE and Divine Intelligence, take it upon ourselves as individual human beings, to choose differently, to choose with Wisdom?

It is incumbent upon each one of us that we get our own house in order. We haven’t the time to waste, the world is on fire and each of us would do well to start living our lives as though we know this to be the truth.

The time to find out what our purpose is, and what our contribution to the world is—is now.

There is a much bigger picture, a picture that has its imprint and influence spanning unthinkable lifetimes.

We must make haste to command the full power and strength of our SOULS in the endeavor to harmonize with Nature, liberate ourselves from the physical trappings of this schoolyard we call earth, and finally graduate into the realm of the Spirit.

Now is the time.

TODAY is our opportunity.

Every choice you and I make today we pray that it is aligned with Wisdom, and demonstrates our desire to be—BETTER THAN YESTERDAY—together as one in the Spirit.

–Michael Fireborn 🔥



With Love and Gratitude.

Christ in you.

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Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness

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  • Matthew says:

    “Our trajectory on the sliding scale of Nature’s hierarchy is dependent upon our capacity to choose wisely.”

    Looking into the rock, the tree, the frog – I see no hierarchy of capacity for wisdom. I suggest that imposing such a false hierarchy is a barrier to divine love.

    Many blessings,

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