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What is The Great Cause of Everything?

By November 16, 2016Blog, Perspective

Before the men of the Earth began to will their conscious awareness upward from the dreamy depths of primordial darkness, there was an intangible impulse of unlimited magnitude stemming from what we will call the “Great Cause”. The Great Cause preempted the inception of all conscious life. The Great Cause is the dazzling effulgence that exalts living-light and Power through the vehicle of a living CHRIST. The Great Cause is the author of the tender warmth and compassion demonstrated and taught by a living Buddha.

It is the Great Cause that beats the hearts, and circulates the blood of every living man without his knowing. It is the Great Cause that breathes air into a mans lungs while he sleeps, and it is the Great Cause that sets the innumerable stars, galaxies, and souls of men on the course of their shared destination. That shared destination (destiny) is arrived at once every individual expression of living consciousness turns the fullness of their awareness towards the Great Cause. It is at this moment the many become one, and the entire Uni-verse harmoniously resolves into an eternal ecstasy.

The Great Cause is an unlimited force, energy, and Power unto itself. The Great Cause is the alpha and the omega, the light and the dark, and it is both God and Devil.

The Gods of High and Low

Are we talking in circles here, or are we expressing the Truth?

Is it necessary that we assign a specific name to explain what the Great Cause is?

No, it is not necessary.

For the readers sake however, we will gladly assign a single word to describe the Great Cause. This one word indicates both its simplicity and complexity.

What do we call the eternal Great Cause that is the fountainhead from which all creation pours?

We call this phenomenal Divine creative Intelligence—LOVE.

LOVE is what stimulates the will-force within a man to draw upon THE BREATH and summon the Power of a million-million suns.

LOVE is what transforms an animal to a man, and a man to a living CHRIST.

LOVE is the burning fires of the Sun that reach across cold-dark space to embrace and warm this Earth.

LOVE is everything, and it is no thing at all.

You cannot buy or sell LOVE, you can only give it away.

One must become LOVE itself, one must become a living CHRIST.

This is a different kind of LOVE than we are used to, it is something unknown to most men. In the end however, this primordial Divine LOVE is what all men will become “TRUE CHRISTIANS” unlike any human being calling themselves “Christian” on Earth today.

Every god, demon, angel, and devil within the realm of Spirit, is beautifully organized in the hierarchy of creation. All imaginations stemming from the Great Cause—be they low or high—have been aligned in perfect order under the Divine Intelligence of CHRIST-LOVE. Nothing escapes the single eye of LOVE, all is known to the Great Cause.

It is not only the aspiration of each human being to perfect himself in such a way that CHRIST is risen and born in him, it is also the aim of all conscious creation to become the perfected living expression of a living CHRIST. The Gods in both their high and low forms by their many names are unique expressions at varying degrees of CHRIST-LOVE potential.

LOVE is unconditional.

LOVE is unlimited.

Any ideas one may have about what LOVE is, is just that, an idea. The reality of LOVE, is that LOVE has no limits. LOVE can express itself as the Divine God of Light and all things good, or LOVE can express itself as something not so Divine, vicious, and malevolent. Like a human being (created in the image of God-LOVE) LOVE in all its capacity has the ability to cast a shadow. LOVE has the highest capacity to express beauty and art. The truth is, we need all the colors on the palette of creation—all shades of light and dark—to truly express the fullness of LOVES unlimited creative range.

In the end however, LOVE has as its result warmth and tenderness. None shall parish or be forgotten in the LIGHT of LOVE, all will be illumined. The low will be raised to the celestial heights, the weak will be given strength, and all will be good. Until that time has arrived and it is the Truth of our shared realty, we all have our parts to play. The good and the bad must dance together, and we must learn to listen intently for the cues given by the Great Composer who sings the WORD and orchestrates the LOVE music of this Uni-verse.

Our individual lives are the opportunities to sway the tide of this eternal game we play. Now is the time, always now. We must learn to center ourselves, we must learn to discern, and we must learn to go within ourselves for the answers we seek. The answers each soul seeks are the answers that will bring peace once again upon this Earth. Our entire lives ought to be devoted to finding the right questions that lead to the right answers. Our entire lives ought to be lived to serve this planet, all the life within it, and above all the Great Cause of LOVE.

In the celestial heights of heaven, or here on Earth there is no aspiration higher than CHRIST-LOVE realization.

All beings are on their way to awakening CHRIST within. It is through our good work, devotion, and daily practice (meditation) that we “raise up” through the spinal column (river Jordan) the CHRISTOS (the oil) to light the lamp or spiritual eye (pineal gland).

Meditation Kundalini River Jordan

How to become baptized?
Go to the river Jordan.

How to become anointed?
Go to the river Jordan.

How to give birth to CHRIST within?
Go to the river Jordan.

This is the soul-challenge of every human being that reincarnates—lifetime after lifetime—here on our shared karmic playground, planet Earth.

Let us take guidance from the lessons received by our Mother (material world), so that we can live righteously with Wisdom creating a new vessel for a new wine (blood), and a new Earthly garden paradise.

Let us make this transformation from Man to CHRIST our highest priority so that we can make our way home to the Father.

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” –JOHN 14:6

Let us make haste to cultivate, guard, and raise up the CHRISTOS within.

We are all parents unto ourselves. We must give birth to, and raise up the spiritual child within. In this shared human endeavor—to raise the CHRIST within—spanning all races, nations, and so called religions, we are all by definition CHRISTIAN.

Before Osiris and Isis, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Abraham and Sarah, Zarathustra, and even prior to the teachings of the living master Jesus of Nazareth (Christ Jesus), there has always been, and there will always be, the timeless voice of the Great Cause, and the truth of CHRIST to share its LOVE.

A TRUE CHRISTIAN has nothing to do with this world’s conventional churches or so called religions.

A TRUE CHRISTIAN is a walking, talking, BREATHING YOGI, whose daily life is an unfolding dynamic work of living art.



Christ in You,

–Michael Fireborn

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