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Meditation Sustains The Imagination, and The Quality of Your Life

By February 13, 2017Blog, Manifesting, Meditation

It’s hard to believe I haven’t sat down to write an article in about two months. I will say this however, I have been writing and it has been good.

I started writing my next book!

I have no idea what it’s going to be called or really what it will end up being about. Despite all the seeming uncertainty, the creative impulse is alive and well. I feel quite the Dandy as I tread the steady flowing stream of creativity that pours its contents “my life” into this container called reality.

It’s interesting (to say the least) that each of us has the capacity to CREATE!

When we put both our mind and heart toward some IMAGINATION, it is from that flickering unconscious-to-conscious image that our consciousness asserts itself by way of the WILL-FORCE. By the power of will-force and concentration, we consciously bring life to form. This infinite manifestation of form displays itself as the concentrated measure of physical consequence—conventionally we call this phenomenon REALITY.

Our Imaginations are the direct cause of that which we call the LIFE.

We don’t appreciate our capacity to literally create the reality we want. If any of us were to slow down enough to feel into the creative process, it would truly blow the mind, and open the heart wide open!

Think about this, and then feel into its Truth.

Everything in this world that we’ve created, first started as a thought in someones head. Each human being who is alive and “breathing well”, possess within themselves an unstoppable cause for creative manifestation—IMAGINATION.

Somehow through our conditioned upbringing and indoctrination into The Matrix of our chosen reality, we’ve forgotten our natural and fundamental nature as Divine Creative Beings.

It’s time to wake up to our Truth, and the abundant living-reality that is the inheritance of all humanity.

How do we wake up to the fullness of our Truth and Divine potential?

How do we maintain the Imaginations continual projection of this unfolding life in a way that expresses beauty and flow?

The answer is this. We sit, we breathe, and we listen—meditation saves.

To Sit, Breathe, and Listen

When we truly gain an appreciation for our capacities as Divine Creative Beings with unlimited potential, it will be evident because nothing will distract us from our commitment to the foundation of our daily practice—MEDITATION.

Meditation is the foundation of the daily practice—meditation is the root of YOGA. Your meditation practice has a direct affect on the quality of your life.

  • Meditation is the means to see and feel clearly.
  • Meditation cultivates our capacity to make choices that are aligned with Wisdom .
  • Meditation liberates us from the infinite distractions of FEAR.

It is through our devotion and relationship with “the breath” that an internal sleeping Truth begins to shake itself from its coiled slumber. The deeper and more consistent our daily practice, the more pearls of Wisdom we uncover. The more of this unlimited treasure we discover within ourselves the wealthier we become, the more abundant our life is, and the closer we will find ourselves to the source of all warmth and unconditional love. In Truth, it is through our meditation and daily practice as YOGIS that we ultimately find ourselves at the greatest wedding ever. Our meditation shows us the way, and gives us permission to step into our inherent true nature—Christ Love. We become the living Christ.

If you feel the pull inward in this lifetime, that is the pull of the Christ and Buddha Nature awakening within you. It is incumbent upon you to cultivate the discipline to Sit, Breathe, and Listen.

  • When you SIT, you create a container for the Wisdom of the Gods to flow into your life. Within the stillness of your meditative container, the eternal Truth of your Divine Self cannot be touched by the eroding nature of TIME. When you SIT, you are outside of TIME.
  • When you BREATHE, you are imbued with clarity, confidence, and direction. With each conscious breath your life takes on new meaning, and you become consciously aligned with your life’s highest purpose.
  • When you LISTEN, your purpose gains continual and sustained clarity. The lens of your life begins to display a living-reality that finds itself viewed and appreciated from the seat of mastery. When one chooses to listen to the Wisdom of the Masters, one becomes masterful.

IMAGINE what your life will be like when you choose to experiment with your birthright.

IMAGINE how powerfully you can show up in this world as a living-example of unconditional love.

IMAGINE how it must feel to never allow fear to bring any disharmony to the flow of your life.

IMAGINE a reality where you are happier—BEYOND all possible imagination.

IMAGINE ALL THAT, then do what needs to be done to make it happen.


Christ in You,

–Michael Fireborn 💨💨💨🔥


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Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness

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