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Overcoming The Fear of Death Through Your Human Design

By February 17, 2017Blog, Human Design, Meditation

It’s unbelievable how much fear pervades our lives on a day-to-day basis. Despite our best efforts to conceal our underlying collective paranoia, the maternal Wisdom of this life’s EXPERIENCE continues to call our attention to life’s most mysterious enigma—what happens when we die?

This is not a question to be contemplated by the minds intellect, although the world will insist that it is.

What happens when we die is a question that is only answered by stepping through the portal of death’s EXPERIENCE.

If one is to truly take in the significance of what is being said today, one will take special care to notice the emphasis I am pointing to with regard to your individual life—EXPERIENCE.

Truth blossoms within the hearts of those aspiring Students of the Spirit, who are living the EXPERIENCE—moment-by-moment—in a constant state of flow, grace, and sustained Self-confirmation.

The tragedy of this collectively constructed shared reality, is that we do not recognize the opportunity each one of us has to consciously prepare ourselves—in this lifetime—so that we are ready to lucidly step through the portal of death’s EXPERIENCE.

If one is to consciously step through the portal of death’s EXPERIENCE, one must first learn to live his or her life in the correct way—guided by one’s unique Human Design, strategy, and inner authority.

Whether we realize it or not, and regardless of any opinion we have about it, the Truth of the matter (material world) is, there is a correct way to live as a human being, and then there is the sin of conventional ignorance—domestication.

Our mind may have a hard time wrapping itself around the idea that a living-reality sustained by unconditional love is a real possibility—in this lifetime! However, the living-reality where peace prevails and all beings are truly happy living their Truth—THE MIND CANNOT TAKE US THERE.

The living-reality of peace and unconditional love—the inevitable Self-realization of all humanity—can only unfold as a living EXPERIENCE for those who listen to the Truth of the heart and all the Wisdom that whispers from the 9-centers of the human-vehicle. Each one of us is special, we have come here to express our unique Divine differentiation.

Unfortunately our collective homogenized living-reality keeps us from living the EXPERIENCE of our Divine differentiation. Again, I want you to notice the emphasis on the word EXPERIENCE. I want you to take note of its significance because it is only the EXPERIENCE of living the Truth of WHO YOU REALLY ARE, that prepares you to step through the portal of death’s EXPERIENCE.

This lifetime is the preparation to take on the enormity of death’s enigma. To pass through death’s portal with the continuity of Truth retained is no small accomplishment. One’s life must become a devotion that stokes the hearts fire, and burning desire to override the infinite stories of the domesticated “Not-Self” Power of MIND.

The blessing of this lifetime (if we’re fortunate enough to recognize it) is that between our body-vehicles (the human body), and the unique SOUL that inhabits the body-vehicle, we literally have everything we need to live out the correct expression of our individual Divine differentiated human potential.

This “opportunity of a lifetime” must be seized with the full strength that our will-force can bring to bear. It is through the correct expression of our uniquely differentiated human-vehicles that both the Intelligence and Wisdom of our individual Human Designs can lead us to our shared destination—Self-realized CHRIST consciousness.


Each one of us must answer the call to discovery.

What is it that is locked away within the uncharted mystery of our Human Design? How can we prepare to meet death at the portal beyond what is known?

It is only WHO WE TRULY ARE that can (without FEAR) step through the portal of death’s EXPERIENCE.

Everything we need to Self-realize the Truth of who we really are—THE IMMORTAL DIVINE LIGHT—is available and accessible to us in this lifetime. We must make great strides towards the discovery and activation of our Divine differentiation. The first and last step on this path toward liberation begins with the breath—meditation.


It couldn’t be more simple, yet all the world is busy thinking, intellectualizing, and talking about what can only be realized by the EXPERIENCE.

The EXPERIENCE is preempted by the “conscious action” to authentically manifest an EXPERIENCE that stirs one’s soul to the Truth of Self-realization. The conscious action in question is meditation. Please do not be so hasty as to assume meditation is all that it will take to realize your Divine differentiation—it is not. However, you cannot realize and live out the Truth of who you really are without first having activated the most significant element of a YOGIS daily practice—meditation.

Meditation is the means to keep us in-tune with the ever present variation of Divine impulses that penetrate through the veil of Spirit. These Divine impulses reach into the life of this material reality we collectively construct in every living moment. Each breath we breathe marks not only the passing of a moment in time, but is also a reminder that behind each breath there is a hidden eternal Cause untouched by fear—even the fear of death. Behind each breath there is the Truth waiting to be realized, the Truth not of the past or future, but the Truth that can only be witnessed and continually confirmed in present state of the moment—you are an IMMORTAL.

But again, this isn’t something we can know with the intellectual capacity of our minds.

The realization of our IMMORTALITY and the absolute conquering of our deepest fear—the fear of death—must be lived as EXPERIENCE. We must come to terms with the inescapable Truth, and that is at any given moment (in the passing of a single breath) what we think we know, as a consequence of time, is doomed to be forgotten.

It is because of the consequence of time, and its eroding quality with regard to all concepts and ideas the mind can create, that we see the significance of creating an authentic life that keeps us present in the Truth of the moment. To be in the Truth of the moment we are living life “out of our minds”. To be truly living in the flow, we consciously shift the Power of the decision making in our life from the mind to the innate Wisdom of the body-vehicle.

To be an awakened Self-realized human being who is living correctly in harmony with his or her Human Design, is to have become a human being—who despite the domesticating pressures of conventional society—has chosen to surrender to the hard-wired Wisdom of the body-vehicle.

You have decided to go OUT OF YOUR MIND!

You are a dynamic human being created in the image and likeness of the Gods. So too are you imbued with the Power of the Gods to create a world and living reality that demonstrates the Power and Glory of unconditional love. You are—in your own unique time—awakening to the clear Truth that the body-vehicle your SOUL is temporarily residing in, is actually a living temple. Within the mystery of your temple awaits the discovery of your Divine plan. There is a plan specific to you, and just like a good sheet of beautiful music, it is up to you—THE ARTIST—to perform the music in the correct way—as it is written.

There is a Divine plan within you that waits to be revealed to the world through the moment-to-moment confirmation of your living EXPERIENCE.

Your greatest act of devotion comes through the authentic intensity your will-force is determined to correctly express as the living EXPERIENCE.

You are forever guided by the Wisdom of your unique Human Design, meditation is the bridge that keeps you in harmony with the bodies innate Wisdom.

If we are one of the fortunate souls who have started to listen to the internal Wisdom of our bodies 9-centers, then glory be to God, our wheels are spinning, our flowers have begun to blossom, and the sweet fragrance of LIBERATION is calling us home.


Christ in You,

–Michael Fireborn 💨💨💨🔥


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Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness

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