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The Mother, Sophia-Wisdom, and Kundalini Sexual Energy

By February 23, 2017Blog, Meditation

Some of you have heard me mention on occasion my appreciation for the beauty, mystery, and Wisdom hidden within various forms of art. Conventional art is subjective as an experience. However, there is a different class of art that finds its way into this world carrying with it a clear communication whose intention and potency has the Power to transform the world as we know it—esoteric art.

What sets this particular esoteric class of artwork apart from the infinite array of other artistic expressions lies within the artists capacity to awaken a specific shared experience within multiple people. The artist who brings the communication from Spirit into the world has been guided and inspired in such a way that the artist begins to find new allegorical means of expression. The allegory is hidden from conventional eyes, but for those who have done “the work” to make their eyes single (meditation), they will have built themselves up in such a way that they will have gained the capacity to see.

Seeing in and of itself is not where the magic unfolds, the magic unfolds and makes itself known in the life of such a one, when one FEELS what the clear eyes see. If the artist work is seen and felt as intended, a great and powerful transmission and transformation can take place. Art is not just art, although some art is just that. However, there is artwork in the world today created by the Master Artists of antiquity who have created windows into the very Truth and nature of a many great mysteries. These mysteries are the living-challenge of all human beings, the proverbial mountains to be conquered, and in the end—the portals that lead each human being to liberation.

Let us now look into the window or portal of this great work of art by the artist Caravaggio.

Artist: Caravaggio Title: Madonna and Child with St. Anne (1605-1606)

How beautiful and significant is this work of art, revelation!
There are four figures that the painting focuses on.

THE MOTHER (The Virgin Mary)
THE SUN (Jesus of Nazareth)
THE DESIRE (Lucifer, The Snake, Evil, etc.)

Saint Anne

Let’s start with the GRANDMOTHER, The Virgin Mary’s mother. She stands to the side of both her daughter and grandson hands folded in front. If you look closely the look on her face is that of patience, she isn’t worried at all that her daughter and grandson are standing barefoot with the potentially deadly snake (sin). One might wonder, why isn’t Saint Anne not in a panic?

It’s as though she’s seen all this before.

Saint Anne represents the epitome of Wisdom! She has in truth, seen it all before, she is the GRAND Mother. Where there is Wisdom there is patience, patience is a virtue that allows LIFE to happen, it is the capacity to be fully present in the FLOW. No matter what the circumstances Wisdom—the fruit of experience—is there to whisper and remind us of the Truth—everything is in its right place, and this too shall pass.

It is because of the grounded “Earth Wisdom” of the grandmother Saint Anne that we also notice although the Mother Virgin Mary doesn’t have as much experience or Wisdom, she intuitively trusts. She can trust because of the strength of her Mother, Saint Anne is a pillar of trust.

The Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary holds her son the UNCIRCUMCISED Jesus under the arms placing her bare foot under his. Mary is showing her son the correct way to approach this adversary, in her showing she simultaneously gives him the experience, the trust, and the WISDOM.

The boy Jesus of Nazareth would not have become the CHRIST JESUS, had it not been for the guidance of The Mother—Sophia, Wisdom.

In terms of THE MOTHER, we have to expand our comprehension of what that actually means. Without going too deep into the subject today, when we’re talking about The Mother we have to bring together a synthesis of perspectives in order to form the correct one. The different perspectives of The Mother being the physical parental mother as one aspect, the innate mother in all women that has nothing to do with heredity, also the Divine Feminine aspect present in both Man and Woman, and the GRAND MOTHER—MAYA, MATERIAL, MATTER—all that is needed to EXPERIENCE life—MOTHER NATURE.

There would have never been a CHRIST JESUS without SOPHIA.

Sophia is “The Mother”. The Mother is the MATERIAL WORLD. It is here, in the MATERIAL WORLD that she holds us in her bosom, it is here that The Mother brings us the experience of life. It is our individual experience of life that cultivates within each human being—Wisdom.

The Young Jesus of Nazareth

Now let us look at our young Jesus of Nazareth. Look at his face, there is clearly worry and anxiety present. He has no previous experience dealing with the threat of evil before him. Keep in mind (heart) this is not yet CHRIST, this is a human boy like any other with the POTENTIAL to become a CHRIST. The uncircumcised Jesus learns to trust his Mother’s guidance, he also learns through this experience that there is a source for Wisdom in his life.

We are all so much like this young Jesus child. Each one of us has the potential within us to create the perfected living-temple that has the capacity to shine the Truth of Christ. The conventional human being believes he must go outside of himself and lean on someone else, or something else to conquer the many evils that enter the experience of life. What the boy Jesus of Nazareth who became The Christ taught us, is that each human being innately has within himself the capacity to embody Christ. In truth, this is a task and challenge each human being will achieve while incarnated as a human being on Earth. How long it will take each individual to answer the call of this challenge—SOULY—depends on the karma of each human being.

The Snake

The last element of this esoteric work of art is the snake (original sin, evil, Lucifer, etc.).

The snake is used throughout all cultures around the world to represent either the adversary of evil, or (once brought under one’s control), the greatest protector and teacher of life’s most significant mysteries. The snake (dragon or animal) can either consume a person whole, or the Power of the serpent (Kundalini) can bring ILLUMINATION to one’s life.

It’s no wonder the name Lucifer actually means LIGHT or the BEARER of LIGHT.

The path of illumination or enLIGHTenment brings one to see EVERYTHING clearly. When one sees clearly one comes to know that the life is not so black and white. There is a serpent of DARKNESS and LIGHT within us all, to which serpent will we align ourselves with becomes evident through the choices we make in our daily life. Every choice we make (the mundane and the seemingly big choices) every choice is either correct for us and aligned with the LIGHT or it is not.

The Kundalini, Creative and Destructive

What are the correct choices each of us must make in our individual lives so that we can raise up, nurture and feed the Serpent of Light within us—THE KUNDALINI?

Wisdom guides each of us to make the correct choices in life. The Mother whispers to us through many different avenues in our life, the most significant being EXPERIENCE. The Mother brings us the experiences we need in this material world so that we grow wise, so that we are aligned in the correct way with Truth and Love.

Our way of thinking cannot be lazy, we must dig deep into the Truth of the MATTER—into the experience and Wisdom of the Mother.

The mystery of Jesus of Nazareth, his baptism, and eventually the events that unfolded at Golgotha are among the most significant mysteries a human being contemplate. These mysteries reach farther back to the mystery of ADAM, EVE, and LUCIFER, and still even further, to the creation of Mankind, and our true MOTHER and FATHER—EARTH and SUN.

Conventional ways of reading, talking, thinking, FEELING, breathing and living will not raise the KUNDALINI.

A man and woman (feminine and masculine) will never come to a true and harmonious union until this Serpent of Darkness (our animal nature) is brought under control.

Sexual energy is the most potent energy in all creation—it is equally CREATIVE and DESTRUCTIVE.

Look at the world today. The animal in us is wild, out of control, and as a result the world is a FIRE. The FIRE like the animal is both creative and destructive. The Gods have given us the POWER to create, and to destroy! We play with fire as though it has no consequence. We take on the karma of creating new human beings when we don’t ‘have not the slightest clue to who we even are. How can one responsibly take on the karma of creating a new human vehicle for a SOUL to incarnate when one is truly not equipped or ready to do so?

Such is the world we live in. People driven by animal desire, biological impulses, and homogenized conventional culture lay with one another for pleasures sake, and as a result take on what is the most sacred works of art—parenting. We cling to the pleasures of the flesh and as a result they have their consequence in the Spirit creating atrophy in the SOUL of a human being. To create a child is a great honor and responsibility. Some how or another, we have created a world where this highest of honors has become nothing more than a biological function of no virtuous significance. It fascinates me that people must take a test in order to get a license to drive a car, but any two people—be they drunk, irresponsible, or incompetent to the task—can lay together and bring a child into this world.

What’s even more fascinating is that everything is in its right place. All the people sleepwalking through life will wake up. All of our ignorance will one day become Wisdom. My prayer and the life I lead are aimed at making that reality come much sooner than later.

Let us see the innate responsibility each one of us has to tend to our fire, let us come to appreciate the Power and significance of our animal nature, and let us also summon the will-force and Power to put the serpent under our foot. The world we’re creating and living in, is on fire. Sexual energy is that fire, we feed that fire with our desire. Until we can get our desires under control, we will continue to feed the fire.

Desire isn’t such a bad thing especially when desire is transmuted into devotion. Devotion rather than desire can feed CREATIVITY. When we transmute our desire to devotion we set the priority of our life toward the aim of Self-realization, communion with the Gods, and liberation from the suffering associated with conventional time-bound life as human beings.

It must also be mentioned that when a child is created out of a union whose foundation is devotion to Self-realization, there is nothing but warmth and goodness that will come as a result. The energies of Masculine and Feminine expressed both by heterosexuals and homosexuals must be brought under control of the SOUL—the Higher-Self.

The Serpent Brought Under Control

Here are a few examples from religions around the world that all illustrate and point to the necessity as evolving human beings to bring our animal nature under control.

An Egyptian pharaohs sarcophagus displaying the serpent where the “third eye” is located. This symbolizes that this person has brought his animal nature under control in the correct way. This person has raised his Kundalini, and he has been illuminated.

This is an image of the enlightened Buddha. The Buddha is a title much like Christ is a title. The Buddha (Guatama Buddha) during his lifetime was born a prince, Siddhārtha Gautama. Although he was being raised to be a king, he disowned his responsibilities as prince, went out into the world (the wilderness) and taught himself to conquer his animal nature. In this picture you see the serpent now a source of Wisdom hovers over the illuminated Buddha to protect him.

Lord Krishna is depicted here playing his flute to a variety of serpent women. The serpent women represent desire. Krishna in all his glory has overcome his animal desire, the serpent women are now praising him for his accomplishment, the serpent is now under his foot, and under his complete control.

Lastly, we have another image of the Virgin Mary. Most all pictures of the Virgin Mary you will see either a snake or dragon under her foot. The blessed Virgin Mother is the representative of compassion and the embodiment of Wisdom.

Every choice, every action, everything we do in life is either correct and leading toward our liberation, or it is not.

Let us open ourselves to the voice and guidance of Wisdom, let us begin this process with meditation.


Christ in You,

–Michael Fireborn 💨💨💨🔥


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