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Meditation and Inspiration

By March 5, 2017Blog, Meditation

Truly I ask myself, what more inspiration do I need?

I feel the conscious Earth alive, she supports me.

She is my Mother, and I am her son. I remain here in her womb not yet born. A humble Man, I can proclaim as much, but what I am yet to be born, I am not yet that. So it is with gratitude that I extend myself, I make priority the vast opportunity to follow my Mothers loving guidance.

I feel the Sun above my head, he is alive, when he shines he speaks!

Truly I ask myself, what more inspiration do I need?

He is my Father, and I am his son. I do my best to take this light wherever I go. I feel him rising in me, but not just that. Also too, I see his warmth touch those in my life as his words speak through me. Humble am I here in my Mother’s womb, but one day I will be born, born anew, shining, radiant, and like my Father—all attractive.

The wonder of the mysteries of the spheres calls to me. I come from them this much is true. When I say “I AM”, let it be known—I am much more than that!

When you hear my voice and feel the sweetness, joy, and innocence of a child’s laughter therein, it is not I who speaks—it is Jupiter.

When you are troubled with fear, worrisome, and melancholy has you down, know that when you lean on me and we feel, share, and reflect on troubles together, it is not I who speaks the words that penetrate to seed your soul with emotion—it is the Moon.

Ah yes! They are all here!

The impulse of Mercury bringing the words that warm to inspire. The sudden campaign for love and relationship to be realized, that is Venus twinkling in my eyes.

Let us not forget the desire, lust, and all that competitive fire! When you witness my wild and sexy side, it is not I who holds the reigns, it is Mars who whips the frothing stallions of passion alive.

Careful now, be tentative to all aspects of the words coming from I. Saturn is here too. The teacher who reprimands, he who is not afraid to speak what may temporarily hurt. For in the end, his lessons are born of love, to keep you in balance, to bring you home—Saturn the stern.

All that, I Am.

A synthesis of the spheres converged in flesh and bone, I look to the Sun and Earth to guide me home. Each lifetime a jewel on Indra’s web, each breath a reminder to remember—who I truly am.

Truly I ask myself, what more inspiration do I need?

I need it daily, it is the inspiration of the Spirit who feeds my soul.

So I have made a commitment, and each day I am inspired. I sit, I breathe, and I listen. With each breath stokes the fires of Spirit—burning karma and bringing me closer to the Gods.

It is here I am reminded by each breath—the inheritance I am promised—to make the most of this life, to grow with Wisdom before I meet the portal of death. I breathe without fear, fully surrendered within the womb. A Man today with the potential to be born anew—to give birth to the Christ while in the maya (illusion) of this Earth—this is my only pursuit.


Christ in You,

–Michael Fireborn 💨💨💨🔥


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Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness

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