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Coal to Diamond Says The Old Man

By March 15, 2017Blog, Short Story

I traveled by foot from Córdoba to Valencia within the span of nine days. The summer heat was a hammering force that took its toll on my body, by the time I reached Valencia my body was nailed down beneath the shade of an almond tree—for nearly twenty-four hours.

Alas, I summoned the strength to make my way to my feet and journey to the local shipping port. Although I only had two silver pieces to my name, I thought I might find work, or perhaps meet a kind soul who would take me in, give me shelter, food, and perhaps point me in the direction of an adventure. It just so happens, I didn’t find food, shelter, or work—but I did find a lifetime of adventure!

I made my way from the sanctuary of that almond tree to the seaport and it didn’t take but five minutes before I was greeted by an old man with no shoes, a withered old sailors cap and a cob pipe in his mouth. I thought it interesting, the old gents pipe did not seem to be lit, there was no smoke coming from it. Even though there was no smoke, the old man with beaten and wrinkled olive skin vigorously pulled with his pinched lips at the tip of that pipe and blew smoke out of both his nostrils.

The smoke from his nose gave off such a wonderful fragrance of peach, apricot, and cinnamon, it was intoxicating. My bewilderment of how a seemingly empty unlit pipe could be smoked vanished (much like the smoke) when I caught this old mans eyes. His eyes betrayed his old wrinkled skin and were full of youth, vitality, and mischief. Both of those silver-blue eyes looked deep into mine and he spoke, “I know what who you are looking for, I know her name, and I am going to tell you where to find her.”

I laughed out loud.

Look old fella I don’t know who you think I am but I’m not looking for anyone. I was just hoping to find something adventurous and fun to occupy my time.

The old man replied almost before I could even finish my sentence, he said: “You are like a lump of picón (coal). There is a woman of exquisite beauty and grace, you have known her for a million lifetimes. Before the Sun rises this very day next week, make my words—she will have made a diamond of you.”

What are you talking about old man, you are crazy!

The old man continued, “I know you have two pieces of silver hidden in your bag. If you give them to me I will tell you how to find your way across the ocean to Majorca, and there you will be reunited with the love of all ages, the one you didn’t know you’ve been seeking—the one and only—the one you would never deny.”

Before I could even say anything the two pieces of silver fell out of my bag and the old man picked them up. I didn’t jump to grab them back, instead I asked his name.

My name is Solomon, and now I will direct you to your queen, her name is Sophia.

ARTIST: Julio Romero de Torres (1874–1930)
TITLE: La chiquita piconera
WORDS BY: Michael Fireborn


Christ in You,

–Michael Fireborn 💨💨💨🔥


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