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Know and Love Yourself, Meditation is The Key

By March 17, 2017Blog, Words

If you don’t know who you are, if you don’t love yourself, then there’s really no point in trying to get to know someone else. It was only recently that I had one of those BIG life breakthroughs and I realized that I really, really, really LOVE who I AM.

It took me 40 plus years to authentically fall in love with myself. I’m not talking about I think I look good, or I like to hear the sound of my own voice. What I’m expressing to you right now is that I have a real appreciation for the LOVE that I AM. I feel it in my bones now, I hear it in my words, and although sometimes I fall asleep—in the MATRIX of this waking life—for the most part, I am always warm and loving toward other people.

I haven’t always been this way. So much of my life was spent chasing “the love” of others, doing what I thought other people wanted me to do so that they would like and love me. That chapter of my life has come to an end.

I had a beautiful Self-realization, I can’t be who I really am, if I keep pretending to be what I’m not.

I have a certain suite of unique gifts that I was blessed with, so does everyone else. The point of each human beings lifetime is to figure out what those unique gifts are. The game is to figure out what are the undo influences in our lives that are conditioning us in a way that we are unable to find our purpose, live authentically, and discover our unique gifts. In other words, who are the people and what are the repetitive circumstances in our lives that are supporting the false idea of who we think we are. In Human Design when we’re not living authentically as ourselves we call this the “Not-self”. Our challenge as human beings is to summon strength, cultivate discipline, and step into our courageous heart so that we can “do the work” that needs to be done in order to remove all those influences (karmic teachers) of the Not-self or false personality.

Why do we want to find our purpose?

Why do we want to live authentically?

Why do we want to discover what are inherent and unique gifts are?

We want, and will realize all of this because each human being alive on this planet is here to LIVE THEIR PURPOSE (that’s the point). And, we cannot live our purpose unless we choose to LIVE AUTHENTICALLY (strategy and inner-authority), and when we live authentically we discover what it is our UNIQUE GIFTS are.

The best part about being a human being is knowing your purpose, living authentically, knowing your gifts—AND GIVING THOSE GIFTS TO THE REST OF THE WORLD.

That’s the point!

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to experiment with meditation until you find a practice that works for you. Meditation is the foundation that allows you to build yourself up—up to the heavenly heights where you will reconnect with your Higher-self. It is YOU the Higher-self who guides the life along with a vast array of Divine beings. The stronger your connection to who you really are and all those Divine Devas, Angels, and ineffable variety of Gods—the quicker your life takes on its true purpose. It is of the utmost significance that you find and live your purpose as the truth of who you really are—Christ.

It will be because of YOU—the True and Beautiful display of your Divine Nature—that the authentic life you lead, will lift up, inspire, and change the lives of countless others. It is because of you—THE CHRIST POTENTIAL YOU REALLY ARE—that this world will once again become a beautified, loving garden and paradise.



Christ in You,

–Michael Fireborn 💨💨💨🔥


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Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness

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