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Sexual Energy, Fire and Kundalini

By March 25, 2017Blog, Words

What is hidden from the single eye of the conventional man rest within. A paradox presents itself in this matter however as what is said to rest, does not rest at all. In truth, this force and power-Divine moves through mankind with reckless abandon and as a result causes tremendous suffering.

Fire when brought under the control of the Master Keeper of the Flame has the potential to bring the Truth of Spirit into the life, and RAISE consciousness. Such a potential when given proper devotion and the warmth of conscious love, brings into the world, and the life—beauty, joy, and happiness beyond the measure of human imagination.

However, when the powerful force of Fire is not given its proper respect, and is taken advantage of for its sensational Power, the results are inevitably devastating!

The nature of Fire is WILD!

Those who do not fully comprehend Fire and its most ancient and primal origin, become WILD and kept low in their base animal nature. One’s expectation of pleasure, strength, and vanity while living in the material plane is overwhelming—that is unless you are savvy and devoted to the Spirit.

Although the pull of Fire can be overwhelming—like a moth to a flame—it is the one’s who learn to manage their inherent WILD nature who ascend to their highest Spiritual potential by the measure of quantum leaps!

When a Student of the Spirit is compared to their conventional brothers and sisters who chase the sensual fire for which they take no time to comprehend (only misuse and abuse) they are likened to Diamonds ready to be cut, shaped and fashioned into beautiful adornments for the Gods—while the conventional brother or sister still remains a sleep-walking lump of coal.

Powerful magic rests within each human being, such a shame to throw it here and there without respect for its reward, potential, or consequence.



Christ in You,

–Michael Fireborn 💨💨💨🔥


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Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness

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