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Paranoia, Psychedelics, and Meditation

By March 27, 2017Blog, Perspective, Words

I trust you guys are ready for this next outpouring from the heart, because I am ready to share. It has taken considerable time for me to give myself the nod to talk about the following subject matter, but now is the time and I am ready to make this first offering on such topics.

What I want to talk with you about today revolves around the topic of paranoia. Paranoia can be triggered by many different causes e.g., other people, a persons surrounding environment, overthinking, etc. Although we could look at all these different triggers of paranoia, today we’re going to focus on one very specific and intentional triggering mechanism—the use of psychoactive substances—also called medicines or entheogens.

Defining Medicines and Entheogens

Although it is conventional habit to refer to psychoactive substances as drugs, today we will be referring to them as “medicine, medicines, or entheogens”. Let us be very clear in making the distinction between medicines and drugs. Medicines are the natural entheogens, psychoactive substance taken to bring on a spiritual experiences. Examples of entheogens or medicines would be cannabis, ayahuasca, or psychedelic mushrooms. It should also be noted that the word “entheogen” has its roots in Greek meaning: “generating God within”.

Medicines or entheogens have a long history of being used for thousands of years throughout innumerable cultures across the globe. It is only recently (the modern industrialized age of Man) that we have put laws and restrictions on the use of entheogens, and have gone so far as to call them drugs. Truth be told, these substances are not drugs in terms of the conventional definition. Entheogens are medicines that if used in the correct environment with discernment and moderation, respect, and the proper intention, have all the potential to initiate the user into higher realms of conscious awareness. The refinement of one’s conscious awareness reveals the many hidden blind spots in a persons life that are typically hidden by the habits and distractions of our daily lives—living in the Matrix.

Entheogens are medicine because they help us expand into a much broader perspective and appreciation for our individual life and the opportunity we each have to use our time on Earth wisely. When the individual uses these medicines in the correct context there is a quickening of maturation with regard to one’s connection and relationship to one’s Higher-self, true Divine nature, and soul. These medicines not only relieve the symptoms of insecurity, ignorance, and inconsistency in the life, but they get to the root cause which always leads to a hidden fear waiting to be resolved.

Defining Drugs in Conventional Terms

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have drugs. Examples of drugs would be substances like alcohol, cigarettes, prescription pills, cocaine, heroin, etc. Drugs are not in any way to be considered as medicines that can in the long-run help one become liberated from whatever it is that ails him. Drugs do not get to the root of the problem, rather they only mask or cover up the symptoms. A generalized example would be, people that drink alcohol to relieve anxiety and in their mind become more social. Rather than face their fears in social situations, many people choose to drown their fear of social awkwardness with alcohol. Their inability to take up the challenge of sober interactions with other human beings never allows other people (or themselves for that matter) to discover their true authentic self. Prescription drugs would be another popular example. Prescription drugs used for pain, anxiety, and any number of other issues are often abused and cause more damage to the physical body (specifically the liver) and the Spirit of a person than they do good. In a nutshell, drugs (prescription drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.) are temporary fixes that in the long-run make matters far worse, and typically stunt the growth and maturation of a human being—both spiritually and physically.

Ignorance is Bliss

Often is the experience when working with any number of psychoactive medicines and entheogens we are forced to face our fears. I often find myself having a chuckle when a person who has succumb to the deep conditioning of the Matrix scoffs at the use of certain entheogens like cannabis for example. Ignorance is bliss. From the conventional perspective cannabis is a drug, not a medicine and the cliche archetype of the cannabis user is lazy, unmotivated, and generally irresponsible. Although there are plenty of people out there in the world who do abuse cannabis and other entheogens, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people in the world (in your community and mine) who use entheogens in a responsible and correct way. To be clear, when I use the term “correct” what is implied is that the correct use brings benefits to the life rather than discordance and resistance. Using entheogens in the correct way helps one get into the flow of their life.

For those of us who have done, or are currently doing “the work” we know that sometimes in working with these plant teachers, it is not always fun. In truth, (speaking from my own experience) half the time there are a lot of thoughts and “old hidden baggage” that come into the experience of the altered state. These thoughts and old baggage are unpleasant to deal with, but ultimately necessary for one’s expansion and growth as a human being. So the idea that the conventional homogenized person who doesn’t know any better would dismiss all use of entheogens like cannabis (or any other entheogen for that matter) as a lazy person just looking for thrills, literally has no idea just how incorrect they are.

But we’re not here today to convince those among us who are sleepwalking through life of the virtues of these medicines. We are here today however to look closer at those negative thoughts, pestering reminders of old baggage, and the many fears that come up while we are consciously exploring our “inner-world” with the assistance of entheogens.

Embracing Paranoia and Facing Fear

So now that we’re clear about the difference between what are medicines and what are drugs, let’s focus in on the medicines. Let’s look together at how these different psychoactive substances of the plant and fungus kingdoms help us cultivate intentional opportunities for healing, expansion of Self-awareness, and the maturation of our individual Soul-life.

This is a big can of worms we’re opening here. I could go on writing volumes while touching the surface of the innumerable nuances regarding the psychedelic experience. So we’re going to tread carefully here and do our best to stay focused specifically on the theme of paranoia and fear.

So let us ask ourselves the question now, what is paranoia?

I can’t speak for you personally but I can speak for myself. If I allow myself to be honest, and can still my mind long enough so that I can think and feel clearly, the answer to this question will be one that is universal and understood by all. Paranoia is the overwhelming feeling of fear that overcomes an individual. The fear itself can be brought on by any number of negative thoughts that insidiously make their way to the forefront of the individuals immediate experience. The overbearing fear is brought on by the subjective past experiences or future expectations of the individual. In this way, the fear is very personal and real, having its roots firmly connected to the subjective experience of the individual. The overwhelming fear that arises in the immediate experience of the individual is dynamically manifested and given power and direction by the deep well of his or her sub-conscious.

Paranoia happens when we discover a thought or stream of thoughts that enter the forefront of the mind, we allow ourselves to keep returning to the same thought or stream of thoughts without the intention to detach and observe with focused conscious awareness. One of the primary benefits of working with entheogens is that the entheogen we choose to use for an intentional journey tends to bring up the patterns of negative thoughts with a quickened pace and intensity. However, when we step into this space intentionally and create a safe container—constructed by the use of ceremony—we then create the opportunity for spontaneous healing. During this healing inner-work we learn that all the fears we are clinging to in the experience of our life, are solely generated by the mind and its thoughts. Transformation and healing take place in the silent spaces between the thoughts, this happens without our trying to do anything—spontaneously.

When we learn the subtleties of detaching ourselves from the overwhelming influence of the mind—healing happens spontaneously. In other words, we don’t have to do anything specific except to learn how to get out of the way, and allow the mind to do its natural thing—think, think, and think some more.

When we allow the ticker tape of the mind to do its natural thing speculate, intellectualize, and predict it becomes free to do what comes natural to itself—think. The Power we have as human beings is to cultivate the conscious awareness that is always present in the moment to see the thoughts, but not get attached to them. In a very natural and symbiotic way, the gift of entheogens like cannabis, mushrooms, or ayahuasca is that they offer us assistance in finding the Power we have within ourselves to detach from the thoughts, and the many shades of fear that arise from them. Although our minds can think a million-million thoughts per second, no matter how fast our mind can churn out those thoughts, between each thought there is a hidden sanctuary of silence and space. It is there—the space between the thoughts—that by some miracle of the human experience, spontaneous healing, expansion, and growth happen.

Meditation, Your Greatest Ally

If we can see now how significant an opportunity we have for growth is directly dependent on our capacity to detach ourselves from the automatic processes of the mind, perhaps we will receive the following call-to-action with open arms so as to embrace its promise of deliverance from suffering and fear.

Consciously exploring the use of psychoactive plant medicines and entheogens can be a tremendous benefit. Having said that however, I have seen many people misuse entheogens recreationally. I’m not for an instance suggesting that working with these medicines has to be some rigid ceremonial drawn out unfoldment of pageantry. What I am suggesting however is that there is a time and a place for everything. And if I can offer any words of Wisdom, having had extensive experience working with these medicines in the past, it would be moderation and discernment are the keys to cultivating positive experiences and soul growth.

“Everything in moderation, including moderation.” –Oscar Wilde

One should approach the use of these medicines with the understanding that everything one can gain by their use is already within you. You don’t need anything outside of yourself to come to the discovery of your Higher-self. You were made perfect in the image of the Gods. Within you there is an infinite capacity to resolve unto yourself all the mysteries of creation. No plant, mushroom, tea, or any other substance is needed for you to become liberated from the bondage of human suffering. All one truly needs is to SIT, BREATHE, and LISTEN. Meditation is the one true path toward total liberation from suffering, it is the means to burn karma efficiently, and it is the tool that keeps our spiritual compass pointed true North—back home to God.

When meditation is the foundation of one’s daily practice, one will find that their work with any form of psychoactive entheogen will exponentially yield positive and beneficial results. As we discussed earlier the magic happens when we are able to detach ourselves from the thoughts the mind produces, and rest in the silence between thoughts. Meditation in and of itself when practiced with consistency in the daily life, has all the potential to give one the ability to step outside of the mind, and ground into the sanctuary of the heart. The liberated soul as it concerns operating as a human being while living here (in the Matrix) of planet Earth, finds his or herself “in the flow” when there is a consistent and intentional communication between the mind and the heart. Meditation frees us from the onslaught of the minds overpowering stream of thoughts, and introduces us to the silent sanctuary of our heart space. It is while connected to the heart that we are inspired, and it is while our awareness is in the heart that the mind is free to turn over thoughts until spontaneously—healing, expansion, and growth arise.

In Summary

Entheogens are not for everybody, in truth they are not necessary for any of us. However, many of us do feel the call to use them. If we are following our hearts and the heart directs us toward this exploration into the Spirit, let us find the courage and humility to do so in the correct way.

One last note for anyone who finds they are working with these medicines and experiencing continued paranoia or anxiety. Some words of advice are to do your best to go into the experience with a sense of curiosity, adventure, and a good sense of humor. When you find that you are stuck obsessing over some particular outcome in the future, or dwelling on something you did in the past, if you can remember that inherently you are a good person and made in the image of the Gods, this will help tremendously.

Why in the world do you want to be paranoid and overwhelmed with anxiety?

Wouldn’t it be much easier and in the flow to simply relax?

After all you are a good person, you are doing this because you are curious about how to be an even better person in the world. You are an adventurous soul who for some reason or another have decided to take quite an unusual path toward liberation. It is unusual because it is not everyone that has the courage to put themselves in a situation where they have to face their fears. You however said yes to that, you said yes because you know deep within your soul that you have what it takes to expand, grow, and learn from this sacred experience.

Wow! What a powerful human being you are, and yet still you are here growing wiser, stronger, and even more beautiful because of this experience that you consciously chose to step into. If you can find a way to laugh at how ridiculous it is that you would listen to any thought from your mind contradicting your true Higher-self which is Divine, you will experience less resistance while working through your shit!

Aside from all that jazz. I can’t emphasize enough how important a daily meditation practice is.



Christ in You,

–Michael Fireborn 💨💨💨🔥


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