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Meditation Invites The Feminine Into The Life

By April 12, 2017Blog

You and I are implored not to be so ordinary in our thinking. In Truth, we are being asked to surrender our thinking to the Power of INTUITION—a #magick that has long been oppressed.

Curiosity will bring tremendous benefit to the life.

Use the mind to get to the door, then let your intuition tell you if you are to step through.

THE ORDINARY MIND will think of the feminine in terms of SEX i.e., MAN and WOMAN. Using this ordinary, homogenized, and conventional mind will get us nowhere fast.

We’re not trying to get nowhere, we are GOING TO THE SPIRIT! 💨🔥

To find our way home to the Spirit we need a compass, we need to know up from down, North from South, Fear from Love, and all the rest of it—Wisdom is our compass.

Wisdom is inherently FEMININE—the Divine Sophia—and this Wisdom, this intuition, and compass North is within both MAN and WOMAN.

When we talk about letting the feminine lead the way, this is a call to let the grace of Wisdom and intuition blossom within us all—both men and women.

If you are incarnated as a Man and you can’t FEEL the Truth of these words, it is because you are conditioned. The only way to break the conditioning of this warped and chaotic world of illusion is through meditation.

Meditation calls Wisdom into the life.
Meditation activates your intuition.
Meditation brings balance into the life.

Without meditation one chokes off his connection to the Spirit and will forevermore remain ordinary—a sheep among countless sheep who think too much, and ironically none of which know how to think for themselves.

Thinking gets you places, FEELING tells you if it’s right for you or not. Without Wisdom and intuition, we are lost.



Christ in You,

–Michael Fireborn 💨💨💨🔥


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Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness

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