Author and Writer

Michael has been writing as a hobby since 2009. In 2013, he acknowledged that his part-time hobby had naturally developed into a beautiful passion his heart wanted to pursue further. The majority of Michael’s writing focuses on the topics of spirituality, conscious living, fitness, and health. Although Michael’s passion is clearly in the wheelhouse of uplifting and heartwarming spiritual content, he has made it a personal endeavor to continually expand his comfort zone as a freelance writer by taking on projects with a wide range of requests, guidelines, and subject matter. Michael has covered everything from the controversial to the mundane: Occupy Wall Street, food counterfeiting, psychedelics in America, product reviews, SEO content for small businesses, and more. Whether it’s writing a book about overcoming addiction, contributing articles to lifestyle websites, or giving a candid review of a new restaurant, Michael brings a professional, qualified, and unique perspective to every project he chooses to work on.

Keynote Speaker

Michael brings positive energy, relevant information, and humor to your event, retreat, workplace, or production. His candid, transparent, and personal delivery is what keeps his audiences engaged and walking away inspired, motivated, and ready to confidently challenge themselves to attain personal mastery. Michael’s most popular speaking points revolve around “The 6 Virtues”.


It should also be noted that Michael’s speaking engagements are each a unique experience. Michael’s delivery, flow, and overall tone adjust in accordance with his audience. Michael has a natural capacity to feel out his audience, then acclimate and deliver precisely what needs to be said (or not said) in the moment.

As you communicate to Michael who your audience is and what you want them to leave with, his capacity to listen deeply to what you want will deliver results. Michael exceeds expectations every time, and if given the opportunity to work with your employees, retreat attendees, or students, he is guaranteed to entertain and inform. If you want to laugh, learn, perhaps shed a couple of tears, and gain a friend for life, Michael is the man for the job.

Event Producer

We are living in a true information renaissance; our ability to learn and enhance our lives has never been better. We have everything we need to rapidly increase the quality of our life experience and the depth of our consciousness. What a blessing it is to be experiencing life in the information age. As a teacher, Michael’s aim is not to give you individual answers to resolve each obstacle in your life. Rather, his teaching method shows you that you already have the tools within you. Michael helps you remove negative stories and patterns in order to take full responsibility for the quality of your daily experience of life.

Taking on the role as an “information giver,” otherwise known as teacher, is one of the greatest responsibilities a human being can undertake. Michael has answered the call to share his unique voice with the world, not in the endeavor to be a great teacher, but instead to be in the service of humanity.

Each production Michael brings to life is different; he makes it a point to always keep the energy and flow of events fresh and new. If you were to attend two consecutive workshops with Michael on the same topic in the same day, you wouldn’t get the same exact workshop. Michael loves reading his audience and fine-tuning what is being shared for each specific group.

It should be noted that with any event produced and organized by Michael—whether it is a live food demo at Whole Foods Market or a week-long juice cleanse and retreat on the magical island of Maui—Michael’s underlying message of self-love and self-respect are at the core of all his teachings.