About Michael

Co-founder and previous co-owner of Open Source Organics, Los Angeles’s first raw vegan smoothie and juice food truck, and stand-alone juice bar - in the heart of Hollywood. Michael has a deep passion for living and promoting healthy living practices in all areas of life. Working with Michael is a uniquely positive and holistic experience, you find out very quickly that he exudes an aura of palpable positive energy that is a fun and easy to be around. Michael’s approach to business and life are one and the same - get clear, remain balanced, and be in service.

Now residing in Austin, Texas Michael is an active member of the community and enjoys the arts, creative writing, eclectic music, and the outdoors. When Michael isn’t working with clients he is either solo backpacking taking pictures of the great outdoors, playing guitar or diving deeper into his yoga and meditation practice. Michael also loves to read. Some of his favorite books are “The Untethered Soul” by: Michael A. Singer, and “Stalking The Wild Pendulum” by: Itzhak Bentov.

Regarding photography, after more than 15-years working solely as a graphic designer Michael’s interest in photography naturally progressed. After investing time and money toward classes and equipment, Michael naturally developed as a professional photographer. But it was when he started working with people that he realized his natural gift - getting people to open up in front of the camera. Michael’s mantra is, it’s all energy. A large part of Michael’s success in working with people is his ability to create an environment and atmosphere where there’s no judgment and everyone can relax and simply be themselves.

Michael Fireborn backpacking Yosemite National Park