Entrepreneurial Spirit – What Connects Us

Today we are beginning a series of videos that are focussed on the Entrepreneurial Spirit. When I speak of The Entrepreneurial Spirit or Spirit I use the two terms interchangeably for they are one and the same. In my studies, it has become very clear that Spirit—for lack of a better term—is feminine by Nature. Spirit is the influence and energy of creation itself.

As Integrated Entrepreneurs who are operating our businesses and lives in a holistic and balanced manner, it’s very important that we honor both the masculine and feminine aspects of creation. The clearer we are on this point, we will find, the more that is revealed. And so, although there may be some resistance to the idea—Spirit is feminine by Nature—with a little investigation on one’s own part, one will come to see and appreciate what in time will be an obvious fact of existence itself.

Although I am very passionate about entrepreneurship—spirituality, lifestyle, family, community, and art are all a part of being an Integrated Entrepreneur. In other words, I’m not working with people or giving advice so that I can simply help people make more money. I am however working with people and businesses so that together we can make the world and all of our communities beautiful, abundant, and free of suffering.

Life is truly good, but not everyone is awake to this truth. And it’s no wonder why so many of us are feeling trapped, isolated, and depressed—we have created a society that is largely focused on the wrong things. Far be it from me to say what is right and wrong but when I drive past hundreds of people every day living under freeway overpasses—begging for change and scraps of food—it’s obvious that we are not living up to our individual or collective potential.

If we were focused on the correct things in our day-to-day lives—each other—there would be no way that we would tacitly participate in a society with such gross imbalances of equality and opportunity. If we were focused on the correct things in life—each other—we would make sure that every man, woman, and child had an equal opportunity to enjoy a healthy and a respectable quality of life.

We Are All Connected

The most significant spiritual insight I have had in my life is the true insight and comprehension that we are all connected. Once a person gets the slightest taste of freedom, there is nothing more that one wants from life than to get back to that place of oneness and unity—this is YOGA.

If one has had a taste of freedom and connection with Oneness, the cost of this taste is that we simultaneously discover an unforgettable truth, there is no escape from suffering, there is no freedom, and there is no liberation until we all wake up from the dream of separation. The clearer we are on this point the more awake we become, and the more awake we are, the more those around us become awakened. In other words, we can’t light up the world until we’ve done the work within ourselves to turn on The Light.

The call to true entrepreneurship is about taking up a challenge, it is about embarking on an adventure, and it is about managing our lives in such a way that we create opportunities and solutions wherever we go.

We are all connected. In the video that goes along with this short article, I briefly touch on how the Atom connects us all. Over the next few weeks, we’ll dive deeper into Spirit and we will pull towards ourselves the knowledge and Wisdom needed to paint a clear picture of our innermost Divinity, our connection to one another, and above all our responsibility towards each other and creation.

The faster we are able to let go of our own agendas and come into alignment with the blueprint and destiny (destination) of Mankind, the sooner we will comprehend the significance of our individual lives. With every thought we surrender, with every expectation we allow to fall away, we take one step closer toward freedom, liberation, and abundance for all mankind.

With love and gratitude,

-Michael Fireborn

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