Getting Small to Discover The Power Within

You Don’t Have To Be Loud To Stand Out

Thank you for joining me today fellow entrepreneurs, photographers, small business owners, and everyone in-between. In today’s video, In this weeks video, we are talking about getting small, nimble, and humble. Why in the world would we want to do that? Well, in the video I go on to make the case that in allowing ourselves to get small—or as the Christian Bible says meek—we come to discover a Power within ourselves that we can trust. This Power that we are speaking of is a Power within all human beings and every one of us has access to it. The question is, how do we gain access to this Power so that we can—through our own living experience—come to trust it?

If we want access to this Power and its infinite Intelligence to guide our life—with grace—we have to get out of the way. And that brings us back to the topic at hand, getting small, nimble, and taking on an attitude or posture of humility.

In the Christian Bible, there is a verse that I’d like to bring our attention to. “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” -Matthew 5:5

Meek doesn’t mean that we are timid, shy, or necessarily quiet, rather it means that we are calm, cool, and collected. In other words, to be meek is to be fully integrated and at attention within the given moment. In spiritual terms, to be meek is to be Self-realized or connected to Christ consciousness. This is true Power, not the kind of Power that forces or pushes against what is, but the kind of Power that allows us to be whatever we need to be at any given moment so that our actions manifest the highest and most beneficial outcome for ourselves and those around us.

If we are business owners, entrepreneurs, parents, athletes, teachers, students, or anything else in life, we want to navigate our lives from—this seat of Power and our true identity—our higher-Self. As it currently stands everything we do in our lives, for the most part, is reactive and automatic. That is to say, every choice we make is radically influenced by our experiences from the past. As we meet life in the present moment, so often we’re not meeting the moment at all, rather there is a calculating of the Mind that takes into consideration our past experience and outputs thoughts, words, and actions conditioned by our subjective past. Don’t get me wrong, our past experiences are definitely worth consideration but cultivating the discipline to get small—meek—so that we’re not letting the Ego automatically take action or speak, will change the course of our lives for the better. 

Connection To Spirit

This is a matter of allowing oneself to stop and check-in with our innate Power of intuition. Intuition being the means through which we establish a connection with our inner-Power, Spirit or higher-Self. It would be really easy to dismiss what is being shared here today if it weren’t for the fact that each one of us can confirm what is being shared if we put it into practice. When one takes up a meditation practice, one discovers that the message being shared today is authentic. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I can testify to this truth. When we get clear, remain balanced, and are living our lives through the vehicle of service we put ourselves in total alignment with Spirit—we are in the flow. No longer are we living in an automaton way where we are simply reacting to life and basing every decision solely on the experiences of our past. Rather we are present in the moment, connected to our inner-Power, living, choosing, and making decisions from a place of absolute trust.

In order to cultivate the subjective experiences in our life that allow us to connect with Spirit, it will take a conscious effort on our part. In order to stay clear-headed, balanced, and living in service, it will take a conscious effort on our part. In order to realize our true potential as human beings and to take all of our endeavors far beyond anything we could have possibly ever imagined, it is going to take a consistent effort on our part.

Making A Consious Effort

The first step in this effort is meditation. I’m sorry if you’re looking for some magic pill or get rich quick scheme. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’ve got nothing for you, you’ll have to roll the dice somewhere else. Maybe you’ll get lucky. If you want something that’s actually worth the effort, listen to what is being shared with you today—and in every article, video and talk that I ever create—it’s all about meditation. If you want results in your life, real measurable results that you can quantify through your unique experience, it all starts with meditation.

You may be successful in business, you may have a great relationship, you may have done enough to have a good amount of money in the bank. Even so, if you haven’t made the effort to establish yourself in a daily meditation practice, you have yet to reach your potential and the world is still waiting for you to show up with your gifts. Whatever it is that you’re doing, whatever it is that you’re passionate about, meditation will position you to be the best you can possibly be at it. Your life becomes more than your own, you become the conduit through which Spirit—love—flows.

Rather than building a business that supports you and your family, how about a business that creates health, wealth, and abundance for dozens if not hundreds of people. How about everything you invest your time in—because you are aligned with Spirit—becomes a blessing to yourself and your community.

Get small, nimble and take on the posture of meekness. When we learn to get quiet we put space between the consciousness that we are and the distracting forces of the Mind and Ego. Nothing wrong with the Mind and Ego, but they aren’t who we are. We want to navigate life and make decisions from the seat of who we really are. Get connected to that Power, that Power that is waiting within every human being to be discovered. This is the seat of Power is the place we all have in common, for there is only One who sits there and by some good fortune, through our unique differentiation, we can all connect to this Oneness. When we are connected in such a way, it becomes clear—nobody wins until we all win.

Your life is no longer your own, everything you do is now in an effort to stay awake, and to awaken. True purpose, true passion, and true connection to that Power—the Power of Love.

Peace to you, with love and gratitude,

-Michael Fireborn

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