MORE THAN PHOTOGRAPHY“As Your Personal Image Consultant, I Will Help You Get The Results You Want.”

Michael is the first choice for entrepreneurs who want to voice their personal or business brand with clarity and consistency.

  • Business Portraits

    Professional portraits for your entire staff or team boost confidence and moral.

  • Corporate Event

    Professional photography for your next corporate event with plenty of options.

  • Dating Profiles

    Discreet assistance with your online dating profiles written content and pictures.

  • Social Media

    Creative content campaigns for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn + more.

  • Lifestyle Portraits

    Candid and artistic photography that tells your story in perfect alignment with your brand.

  • Social Events

    Impress them all by capturing the magic of your next social with pro photography.

The Mission Statement
Cultivating Confidence
& Delivering Results.

My name is Michael Fireborn, my mission is to help individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses present themselves and their brand to the world in a consistent and clear voice. My personal aim—and where I find true happiness and meaning in life—is in helping people clearly see, and bring forth their highest potential.

Working together, I will help you make the adjustments needed so that you are confident in presenting your personal image(s) and/or brand to the world.

I am here to help you cultivate a personal image and/or brand that is clear, consistent, and unique as you are. I am here to help you cultivate the undeniable confidence that will manifest true abundance in your life.

I am here to help you realize your goals and attain real results. Above all, I am your ally and biggest fan—it just so happens that I’m a fantastic photographer, digital artist, and creative mentor. Let’s get Rocking!

The Creative ProcessCommunication & Clarity to Attain Desired Results.

  • Step 1: Rapport & Learning to Trust

    Excellent communication leads to rapport and ultimately trust. Before we begin bringing your new project to light (photography, graphic design, brand development, etc.) we will establish a clear and open channel of communication. I truly care about helping you get the results you desire. The way we’re going to attain the desired results you want is by establishing authentic rapport, and organically allowing ourselves to trust one another. If you trust me with your creative project I will treat it as though it were my own. Rapport and trust are two very important factors that directly nourish the creative process.

  • Step 2: Establishing Clear Direction

    Now that we trust one another and know we’re on the same page, it’s time that we get clear on what direction we’re taking your project. Is this a short-term project, or are we strategically planning a long-term solution for your image and/or brand? Either way, I am here to serve and offer my creative insight, expertise, and experience to whatever end you feel appropriate. Direction is key to unlocking the power and potential of the creative process. Once we establish our direction we will chart a clear course of actions to reach your creative goals and attain the desired results.

  • Step 3: Follow Through & Taking Action

    Taking ownership of our perspective roles as it concerns the development and execution of your creative project keeps the creative energy flowing. I assure you that when I say I’m going to take on an action item or task, it will be complete and delivered at the agreed time. Following through with what I say I’m going to do maintains rapport, and rapport as we’ve discussed nourishes creativity. Showing up for appointments on time—in-person or on the phone—is guaranteed. Procrastination is not in my vocabulary.


To visualize is to quantify the infinite possibility of the imagination. The visionary process is about bringing ideas to life. The true mark of a competent and successful Visionary is in his or her capacity to problem solve. Every creative project is a puzzle. In the beginning stages as you and I work together to clearly visualize and plan your creative project e.g., logo design, rebranding, photography, etc.

We will be removing any blocks that are obstructing your most authentic vision from coming to the full light of its potential. Clearing the blocks is how we make room to put the pieces of your creative puzzle together. Blocks come in many forms and everyone has them. If you want to know what a block is, it always comes down to energy. Blocks are patterns of energy.

Sometimes we have blocks around our Self-worth, money, intimacy, using our voice to speak up, and a million others. What's important to remember is that all blocks are patterns of energy that manifest as limiting beliefs.

The good news is, we can choose to let these old energy patterns move through us. We can consciously  create new patterns that results in clear thinking and feeling. As we get clear and learn to correct our old patterns we discover a new appreciation for the potential we hold within ourselves. Through our consistent conscious effort to remove limiting beliefs and patterns we see that we have the opportunity to become the conduit or vehicle that brings new and innovative solutions into the world. This kind of continuous Self-evaluation and

correction is how we remain clear, balanced, and in service.

When we are operating as thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries aligned and integrated in the Spirit of service, this is how we affect positive and significant change in our communities. Our businesses and brands become vehicles through which we create true wealth and abundance for all those around us.

The visionaries that I work with aren't focused solely only on money. We are here to provide real solutions that solve big problems. We are here to make the world a better place while creating wealth and abundance for as many people possible. If you have a big vision to bring new innovation and solutions into the world—let's talk. -Michael

Now Based In Beautiful Austin, TXThe Jewel of Texas

I am so happy and excited to be a part of this thriving Austin community that is bursting at the seems with diversity and innovation. The Arts are very much alive here, along with a booming technology sector, and an eclectic tribe of foodies and musicians. This chapter of my life is undoubtedly titled—Texas!

Austin, Texas