Self Realization pt.1 — Introduction

Top Of The Pyramid

Thank you so much for joining me in the exploration of all that is good and beautiful. The content I am producing here falls under the guise of entrepreneurial and personal development, by now you may have guessed, our goal is much bigger than that.

For what is it to be an entrepreneur if one has not first come to know the Self?

An entrepreneur who by the account of his or her peers is deemed successful by conventional terms—money, material wealth, etc.—is still lacking, having not reached his or her true potential. The worst part is such an entrepreneur because of his apparent prosperity is all the more ignorant to that which he is lacking—Spirit. Such an entrepreneur may very well have reached the top of the proverbial hierarchdical pyramid but if one does not know to reach for that which is still even higher, he will only make a mockery of his opportunity by still seeking that which is outside himself.

However, there is Wisdom in the aforementioned words, Wisdom that could save one lifetimes of frustration and toil.

Words Of Wisdom

We believe the purpose of life is to reach the top of that hierarchical material pyramid in an effort to attain worldly comforts and to satisfy our apparent material desires. Far too often for the conventional man and woman who live their lives to this end, it isn’t until they have reached the top of the pyramid in their societal hierarchy that they realize they’ve been aiming and moving in the wrong direction.

Having said that, from the top of the pyramid it may occur to such an ambitious person that despite the two divorces, disgruntled kids, and poor health, his or her journey has only just begun. At the top of the pyramid, there is only one direction to go and it is not down, that is of course if you welcome Wisdom into your life. Without Wisdom one will surely fall, only to have to climb again. If one—by the grace of Spirit—yields to Wisdom, then perhaps—having previously been blinded by the distractions of the outer world—it will now occur to oneself to look inwardly. As a result of looking where one had never looked before, one will truly see for the first time.

One does not have to waste years of his or her lifetime pursuing the material fascinations and distractions before realizing one is living out of balance. One can, in fact, live modestly within his means now and shift the focus of his gaze inwardly as the priority rather than outwardly. Once the aim and direction of your life has been trained to gaze inwardly, quite naturally the outer manifestation of your life becomes as harmoneous as the inner-life.

Preparing For Spirit To Move Through You

To be an entrepreneur or anything else in this world for that matter, it makes all the difference if we are Self-realized, or if we are sleepwalking through life. If one is not Self-realized then one is still fascinated by the dream, and that’s okay. The whole point of life is to wake up!

But make no mistake, it’s time to wake up, the quality of our shared life experience in this world depends on it. If we want to wake up, we’ve got to prepare ourselves. Preparation means to make ready ahead of time.

What are we making ourselves ready for exactly?

We are preparing ourselves to welcome Spirit into our life. That means we are opening ourselves up to the possibility that there is a higher power or force that—if we are wise—we allow to move through us.

An entrepreneur, parent, or teacher that has Spirit moving through them as they create and manifest in the world is an entirely different thing than someone who does not. There is no room for judgment here, everybody’s where they’re at—thank God-Goddess for that.

We are all created by the Light and we are all here living out these lives with the blessing of the Light.

Having said that, the difference between those who have Spirit working through them, and those that do not, is not the quality of Light, it is the quantity of Light.

When we align ourselves in the correct way—when we prepare ourselves—we turn up the volume and intensity of Light—Divine consciousness—in our life.

I hope you are ready because in the following weeks we are devoting our time together towards preparation. Preparation of our hearts, minds, and souls so that we increase our capacity to receive Spirit and transmit Light—Love.

Next week we’ll get into more specifics around a particular meditation practice.

Until then, peace and blessings.

–Michael Fireborn

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