Self Realization  pt.2—Meditation

Thank you so much for your interest in Self-realization. Meditation is the beginning and end of the awakening process. Yoga is not a religion, nor is it a series of stretches and exercises. Yoga is a multifaceted Spiritual Science that when applied to one’s own life, gives one not only the title Yogi but also Scientist. To be a Yogi has less to do with stretching on yoga mats and more to do with increasing one’s individual capacity to merge with the unified field of consciousness and energy that supports and manifests all life—Spirit or Shakti. How a Yogi takes care of his body, what foods he eats, how he thinks, how he speaks, and what he or she creates—all of this is Yoga.

We are sleepwalking through life energetically distracted by innumerable objects of desire and we don’t know who we are. We are confused, embarrassed, egotistical, arrogant, and afraid of death. In addition to all of this, nobody wants to admit it. Nobody wants to say—I don’t know. Rather than humble ourselves and look for answers with a posture of innocence and curiosity our Ego forms get the better of us and pursued us to create external Ego forms and structures e.g., thousands of different religions, denomination, and churches—including so-called Atheists. In our arrogance and endless ignorance, we continue to divide ourselves up into smaller and smaller pieces until the Truth of our true unified nature as has been reduced to such petty divisive labels as Democrat, Republican, American, Jew, Muslim, etc. All of these labels divide us and in our division we will remain ignorant and above all arrogant.

Yoga The Destroyer of Ignorance and Arrogance

Yoga has no room for ignorance or arrogance. It is for this reason that anyone on the path of Yoga begins and ends with meditation.

Meditation is the ladder used in which one climbs—rung by rung and breath by breath—up out of the muck of ignorance and arrogance, to sit quietly before the ineffable Truth of what is.

The path to Self Realization is Yoga. Yoga is a Spiritual Science and like any other science, if we apply the scientific method while observing our experiment, in the end, we will come to discover repeatable results, what all the Masters and Yogis of antiquity have discovered—Self-realization. Meditation is akin to the microscope a scientist uses to look into the physical truths of our reality. With a microscope, a scientist can see clearly that which she cannot see with the naked eye. In the very same way, meditation allows the Yogi to look within his or herself and see the Truth behind the distracting thoughts of the mind.

In this video I give you a very simple counting meditation technique that may, by all means, is all you will ever need in the way of meditation techniques. But maybe not, maybe this technique will not suit you, either way, I encourage you to be a scientist and experiment until you find the technique that suits your constitution. What’s at stake is everything!

Spirit works in mysterious ways and this process of awakening spans countless lifetimes. It is important to remember, it’s not about the destination, rather it’s about the journey. Have fun with your experiment, don’t take yourself too seriously, and always trust that the answers to all your questions are already within you. You are the light of the world, go within and find that light.

I offer this meditation technique to you with love and trust you will apply it to your life with consistency. When the time is right for you, by the grace and Wisdom of The Spirit, Self-realization will be your reward.

With Gratitude and Blessings,

-Michael Fireborn

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