What’s The Matter With You

Greetings fellow entrepreneurs, explorers, and Students of The Spirit—life is good! I’ve had some time to let last weeks topic of the Entrepreneurial Spirit And What Connects Us settle in and expand. This week we’re going to expand on where we left off talking about the atom. If you remember we briefly discussed how the atom is in all places at the same time, it is everything, and it knows all things.

Now moving along, we continue our discussion. Nature reveals her secrets to each of us when we are ready—in time—we grow to appreciate these unique experiences of our life. It is through the vast array of our subjective experiences—moment-to-moment life—that we have the opportunity to clearly see. I must, however, acknowledge that what is being pointed to here is beyond experience. Experiences take place within the realm of time. Who you and I really are is beyond matter and beyond time—we are the Timeless One.

Nevertheless, we are using the limited function of language to point the way. It is through our subjective experience that we learn to trust. What is so beautiful about each of our unique lives is that Spirit reveals the mystery of life to each of us in our own unique set of life circumstances and experiences. 

To be a Student of the Spirit is to learn by way of one’s own works—Self-realization. Through these works—YOGA—study, meditation, service, etc., one learns to trust each circumstance presenting itself, life is all unfolding perfectly right on time. Simultaneously, one also learns to trust in one’s own capacity to discern the lesson within one’s life circumstances and to always choose the highest course of action.

This means we no longer push or pull the experiences of our life, instead, we trust. To be a Student of the Spirit one’s likes and dislikes—preferences—no longer hold as much significance. We comprehend that all that is being revealed—by way of our life experience—is manifesting so that we can learn, grow, and expand our capacity to love.

Being Unconditional Love

Love is the highest Power, love is the ultimate beauty, and love is justice.

If we are an entrepreneur, a parent, a business owner, or anything else for that matter, if we don’t have true unconditional love in our lives we will always be less than ideal—our potential. And to have unconditional love in our lives is to be unconditional love. Again, this is not about and experience, this is about Being that which we truly are.

In every moment, infused within all of our thoughts, words, and deeds—unconditional love.

As we put together a new business plan, when we start that new LLC, and when we attend the night classes at the community college or University to get that degree, it is for no other reason than love. Everything in our lives become a mission to expand and spread that which is most significant in our lives—unconditional love. The significance of love in our life is predicated by our comprehension of what unconditional love actually is, and our clear comprehension of unconditional love is revealed by the kind of life we live.

Love manifests perfect balance and harmony in one’s life. How would you like to live a life of perfect balance and harmony?

Remove The Blocks And Bring Balance To The Experience of Your Life

All of us have imbalances in our lives whether these blocks are around money and finances or the relationships we have in our lives if we want to bring balance to these areas, we’ve got to find a way to turn up the volume of love in our life. 

Love and Light—thou art that!

If we are going to take up this task of Self-realization, that journey begins and ends with ourselves. There are no objects in the world that will satisfy us, it is only by establishing a real connection to unconditional love that we come to find perfect equilibrium in our experience of day-to-day life. The moment one stops Self-identifying with the objects of the material world, that is the moment one comprehends that one is not the object. Our true nature is LOVE—The Light of Consciousness—that reveals all objects.

If we want to be that influential entrepreneur that inspires and creates beautiful solutions in the world, we must begin by doing the work on ourselves from within—meditation.

That’s it for this week. Please watch and enjoy the video that goes along with this article. I encourage you over the course of the next week to meditate on the question, who am I?

Realize that we live in a world full of objects both outside of ourselves and within ourselves.

Who is the one that sees and experiences objects?

With love and gratitude,

-Michael Fireborn

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