Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness?

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I completed the first draft of the book in August 2014, after its completion I decided to take a sabbatical into the warm embrace of nature. From December 2014, to August 2015 I secluded myself in the high Sonoran Desert, studying, writing, and preparing myself to finally offer this book to the public as a inspiration and tool to overcome the many obstacles so many of us have in common. I share several true life stories from my not too distant past experiences addressing topics like addiction, diet, confidence, prayer, health, meditation etc. I also provide clear action steps (The 11-Commitments) designed to help you manifest a healthy lifestyle imbued with happiness. This is a story of truth and inspiration that will motivate you to take action in your own life. I lifted myself up to find my way out of addiction, depression, sickness and despair. Now I am offering you and the world everything I’ve learned along the way. From desperately floundering in fear at rock bottom, to soaring the heights of love, abundance and happiness, I humbly offer this book to all of those beautiful souls who are ready to lift themselves up, into a vivid and exciting new reality—whose foundation is love and happiness.

Gratitude and Blessings,

—Michael Fireborn